Meet the Team

Robert Cichewicz, Ph.D., Program Director

Dr. Cichewicz is the director of the Citizen Science Soil Collection Program and the Natural Products Discovery Group. As the program’s creator, he helped transform this unique citizen science initiative into the world’s largest drug discovery program focused on fungi and their natural products. In the process, Dr. Cichewicz has had the good fortune to provide training for students who have gone on to have careers microbiology, chemistry, medicine, and education.

“It is incredible to see and test so many wonderful and unique fungi from all over the United States. These fungi and the natural products they produce have become the cornerstone of our drug discovery efforts aimed at helping children and adults suffering from a variety of devastating diseases.”

Candace CokerProject Manager

Candace manages the public side of the Citizen Science Soil Collection Program. This involves serving in a variety of roles including speaking with citizen scientists, mailing and receiving collection kits, and developing other fun ideas for the program. She built and maintains the Program’s website, manages new data and photos, and serves as a liaison between project scientists and citizen scientists. If you email us, she’s the one you’ll hear from first.

“I love seeing the fungi photographs. I am fascinated by these beautiful organisms and how much good can come from something that is often taken for granted.”

Camille Schlegel, Research Associate

Camille’s efforts include isolating fungi from soil samples and preparing those fungi for natural product extraction and DNA sequencing. She has a sharp eye for spotting unique fungi based on her years of experience working with fungi. Camille also works on research method development aimed at improving the detection of new fungal species.

“This program is special because thousands of participants contribute to the project and I find it so rewarding to be a part of this larger effort of discovery. I enjoy the opportunity to work with new and unique fungi from across the country on a daily basis.”

Karen Wendt, Research Associate

Karen helps lead the fungal identification portion of Citizen Science Soil Collection Program and curates the result from the fungal sequencing efforts. She manages large fermentations that the chemists use to find new natural products from fungi. Karen is also interested in the biological diversity of the fungi in the collection and she has been collaboratively exploring this using genetic and chemical methods.

“Fungi are a hugely diverse section of life, forming their own kingdom. They are largely unseen yet so necessary to a healthy ecosystem as well as making compounds that are so useful to humanity. Those are the things that make my work here so fascinating.”

Fares Najar, Ph.D., Director of the Chemistry and Biochemistry Bioinformatics Core

Dr. Najar has years of experience preparing, processing, analyzing, and managing large genomics data sets. Dr. Najar applies those skills toward identifying the thousands of fungi that are analyzed each year in the Citizen Science Soil Collection Program. In addition, Dr. Najar helped design and create the team’s data management system, as well as provides expert advice regarding changes and improvements to the genomics analysis workflow.

“I love being on the cutting edge of fungal discovery and the potential to discover new drugs.”

Michelle Wood
Michelle Wood, Research Associate

Michelle assists the lab in processing soil samples which includes isolating fungi, adding them to the cryogenic collection, and preparing them for extraction and sequencing. Michelle also has a good eye for variation in morphology, strengthening the team’s ability to isolate less common fungi.

“I really enjoy being a part of the discovery of novel fungi and adding them to our growing collection. Fungi are doing some really interesting things and our lab is continuously on the search for the next interesting compound.”

Anita Mjaaseth
Anita Mjaaseth, Research Associate

More about Anita coming soon!


Jason Draper
Jason Draper, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Jason is a junior majoring in biochemistry at the University of Oklahoma. His roles in the Citizen Science Soil Collection Program include preparing soil samples for culturing fungi, isolating fungi from those samples, and assisting with genetic sequencing.

“The natural products made by fungi are incredibly varied and diverse. It’s exciting to be part of a team dedicated to finding and identifying those compounds and how they can be beneficially used in all of our lives.”

Elizabeth Bradshaw
Elizabeth Bradshaw, Undergraduate Project Assistant

Elizabeth is a sophomore majoring in biomedical engineering at the University of Oklahoma. Her role in the Citizen Science Soil Collection Program includes assisting with mailing and receiving collection kits and organizing the soil library.