Aviator casino game strategy

Aviator is a crash game produced by the Spribe provider. Although this game is often classified as an online slot, it’s very different from standard slot machines. Players’ goal is to keep their bet and cash-out before the plane takes off. As the slot works on a RNG, it’s impossible to predict the outcome. That’s why users are searching for the best Aviator strategies to win more. This article will revise different betting systems and find the best one to win more.

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How to Win a lot of money in Aviator 

Winning big money in Aviator is a goal of every player. However, it’s worth mentioning that even different strategies and tactics will not guarantee income.

Aviator Betting Strategies

Remember, that Aviator is gambling, so do not spend all money to get the winning. It’s advisable to consider crash games as a hobby and play it wisely without chasing large multipliers. Never consider gambling as a basic income for daily routine, remember about responsible gaming. 

What is the Best Aviator Strategy? 

Aviator has a number of different strategies that can be used to win more. However, it is complicated to choose the one that will certainly work. Before choosing the best Aviator strategy, clients must know all the features of crash game:

  1. Live bets. The player can check bets made by other players. The information is displayed on the strip to the left of the game. In addition, players will see the odds and winnings of all participants in the gameplay.
  2. Real time statistics. Users can check the statistics of all participants and their biggest wins/multipliers accumulated in a day, month, or year.
  3. In-game chat. This tool is handy for all players as it helps to understand the Aviator game as players can freely interact with each other.
  4. Aviarace Tournaments. Aviator players join tournaments, compete against other players, and best ones receive cash rewards, free bets and other special prizes.

Strategy for playing two bets at the same time 

One of the most popular strategies for the players is making two bets in a round simultaneously. This attitude allows players to eliminate the risks of losing all the money because the plane flies away.

Users have two options: to use the low-risk strategy or the high-risk one.

It mostly depends on the players’ funds; the bigger amount – the higher risk can be taken.

Low-Risk Strategy 

Aviator Low-Risk Strategy 

Gamblers can use two strategies for making money slowly. To use this Aviator strategy, just follow the steps:

  1. Register in the casino and make a deposit of the desired sum.
  2. Open the Aviator game and fill in the amount that can be spent on one bet. This amount should be moderate or even small.
  3. Place bets before the start of the round at the same time.
  4. Withdraw the first bet before the line hits x2. As statistics say that x1-x2 has the most significant possibilities to be reached, players won’t lose their money because of the plane crash.
  5. Withdraw the second bet on the x5 or less. This value is not so frequent, so people can lose money on it. But the first bet will definitely cover the loss, so this strategy can be considered a slow but safe option for making money.

High-Risk Strategy 

Aviator High-Risk Strategy 

This Aviator strategy works similarly to the low-risk one. The steps are the same, the only difference is the coefficient on which player should stop. The first bet should be withdrawn on x10, and the second one on x30. Note that players should review the statistics and find out when the first result was approximately x10-х30. First times can bring losses, but they may soon be covered by large winnings. 

Stats-Based Aviator Betting Strategy 

Aviator works on the random number generator, so predicting any rounds’ outcomes is impossible. Spribe provider says that the machine works with Provably Fair technology:

The last sequence determines the result of the next round. The provider guarantees fair play. Statistics can be helpful in finding out when x100 will be dropped. So it is difficult to understand when the plane will fly. Better just to follow intuition and use tactics or strategies about Aviator algorithms to win big.

Risky tactics when playing for money in Aviator 

This strategy works mostly on players’ observations and analysis. This option is for more advanced players, not for beginners. Users should understand the algorithm of the Aviator game and have experience in playing for real and winning. 

  1. Open the Aviator game and find statistics.
  2. Revise it and find the last time when ~x100 was dropped. If it is not there, just wait until this odd will be dropped.
  3. Mark one hour (and a half) from the x100 and start placing bets at that time. Players shouldn’t be afraid of losing several bets in a row because winning x100 will definitely cover them.

This Aviator strategy is similar to the high-risk with two bets, but it has more risks because the first bet is not used.

Playing in demo 

Registration is not required to play Aviator for free. It is enough to visit the online casino site, find the Aviator demo slot machine, and select the appropriate mode. When the initial balance of free credits is exhausted, just restore the bankroll by restarting the machine. In addition, playing demo Aviator is possible on the official Spribe provider site.

Demo mode allows you to test various game strategies and get acquainted with the features of the gameplay without the risk of losing real money.

How to play Aviator demo?

Play Aviator for free
  1. Wait for the round to start playing. The game begins when the plane takes off, and the multiplier that automatically begins to increase. The round starts with a minimum coefficient x1. The higher the plane flies, the higher the coefficient increases (it can grow almost indefinitely).
  2. Select game mode manually or auto bet. In the second option, set the parameters for the amount at stake and cashout. Make one or two bets. The manufacturer offers many betting options, so gamblers can choose from existing options or enter this indicator manually
  3. Keep track of the increasing multiplier. 
  4. Press the “Bet” button to stop the flight and collect the winnings. The real problem is knowing the right time to cash out. Players need to master cashing out precisely at the perfect moment when the odds are at their highest, but before the plane takes off.

Tips in Aviator Game 

Spribe Aviator game algorithm is based on the random number generator, so there are no hundred-percent possibilities of winning. But players can use some tips to win the game:


The Aviator slot machine is a dynamic game with a high return of 97%. It is available in most popular casinos, both for cash bets and free entertainment. To win, there are a huge number of different strategies and tactics. It is really possible to even develop your own system based on the statistics of previous rounds. But consider that these strategies are not a magic solution to problems, as they do not always work. Try them, but remember: Aviator is a gambling game that you cannot spend all your time and income on.


  • ❓ What is the best betting system for Aviator?

    🚀 The gambling world has a number of betting systems, but every person should pick the best one for Aviator on their own. It’s better to use a wise and careful approach to get bigger winnings.

  • ❓ How to increase the chances of winning in the Aviator online casino game?

    🚀 Increasing chances of winnings mostly depends on players’ luck. It’s possible to use the strategies and tactics, but not sure whether they will work. Advisable to play Aviator moderately and play wisely by setting limits.

  • ❓ What is demo mode for?

    🚀 Demo mode is helpful for both beginners and experienced players. It can be used to start playing Aviator and understanding the rules of its game. Also, users can check different strategies and tactics in a safe mode.

  • ❓ In which online casinos can I play Aviator for free?

    🚀 Users should choose licensed casinos with a high percentage of positive reviews and popularity among players. Recommended clubs that offer Aviator are 1Win, Parimatch, 1xBet, Bet365, Favbet, and Pin-Up.