Homeschool assistance and materials for parents and educators

The corona-virus pandemic is changing life as we know it in the United States and around the entire globe. One of the major challenges that parents and educators face is figuring out how to support our children’s educational needs with schools closed. We are aware that many districts have suspended classes for weeks, months, and even the entire rest of the semester, which means parents need to identify ways to continue their children’s education from home. We want to help you during these challenging times by offering free online science lessons for your children based upon the research we perform through the Citizen Science Soil Collection Program.

Free curriculum materials

In the meantime, know that we continue to offer our at home Citizen Science Soil Collection Program. As always, you can obtain a free kit for your child by visiting our online request form here. Our curriculum guide is free for parents and educators. Download the curriculum guide! The online guide contains lessons covering Exploring Science (K-12th grade), Exploring Fungi (4th grade), Decomposer Observer (5th and 6th grade), Synthetic and Natural (middle and high school). Sorry, but due to international biodiversity laws, we can only offer kits to people living in the United States.

Support us

While we do not charge for any of these materials, we do ask that you consider making a donation to the Citizen Science Soil Collection Program. Donations are used to help keep the program free for everyone by covering the cost of the collection kits and shipping and handling charges.

Stay connected

We want to help you navigate the challenges of serving your children’s needs during these difficult times. Please know that we are there to help. Stay safe.


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